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NCIS is eating my mother’s brain!

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It’s all my fault. I started watching NCIS because of Michael Weatherly, because I loved him as Logan in Dark Angel.

One day, my mom came in and asked me what I was watching. I never thought to worry. She likes CSI, she reads mystery, so this show would be right up her alley. I was excited to be sharing a fandom with her.

Now, she tells me that she’ll “Gibbs” me when I irritate her. For those of you wondering, it means to smack someone upside their head. It’s called “Gibbs-ing” because it is used often (and well) by the character Leroy Jethro Gibbs, played by Mark Harmon. On its own, that’s sort of cute, especially from a 67-year-old.

It’s even kinda cute when she talks about how cute Gibbs and DiNozzo (Weatherly’s character) are. We had a grand ole time when Robert Wagner first guest-starred as DiNozzo Sr. We haven’t been able to stop talking about how eerie the resemblance between Weatherly and Wagner is.

It’s just, I’ve sort of hit a wall. I like NCIS. In fact, I love it. I’m just over-saturated with it since mom found out that the USA network does daily marathons of it. Oh, it was fine for the first three or four months… but now, I almost don’t want to watch any of the new episodes!

I said almost, I’m not crazy… yet.

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