Music Monday – Jingle Jangle

It occurred to me, as I floundered for a topic, how musical my cat is. Yes, I just said that, and I meant it!

For one thing, Clive is what we cat people like to call a “talker.” The biggest talkers in the feline world tend to be the various flavors of Siamese. Now, since I got my best friend at the Humane Society, I can’t be sure what his actual breed is even though he presents as either a Russian Blue or possibly Korat. Both of these have Siamese in their genetics. What’s a talker? Well, when you speak to him, he meows back. He will even hold “conversations” with you if he’s in the mood. He makes use of inflection and tone to get his message across.

For example? When I lived on my own, my mom would come visit once a week. She would walk in the door and he would greet her. Once she responded he would “tell” her all about the things she’d missed in the past week.

In addition to that trait, he wears a collar and tags. Without these he is a stealthy ninja. With them he jingles as he walks, runs, jumps, or otherwise gets into mischief. I love the music his tags make when I get home from work and he runs up to greet me. Add that to his meow of greeting and it’s like having a tiny theme song every time I walk in the door! The only better music is the sound of his purr when I scratch his chin.

Clive also has very definite tastes in “real” music. He despises “Band on the Run” and bites at my ankles every time I try to play it! He doesn’t like metal and will meow loudly his disapproval and distress. Jazz seems to be his favorite so far, inducing him to curl up near the speakers.


So, what about the animals in your life? What sort of music do they make?


  1. LOL! One of my three cats, a calico, is definitely a major talker too. She has so many different sounds: meows, whines, chirps, chittering, grunts. She has obviously picked up various inflections from the way we talk to her (especially my mother). And she can keep a conversation going for quite a long time. There are times I SWEAR she is cursing at us. And she knows exactly how to make sure we know what she wants. It’s absolutely hilarious. One of these days I definitely need to record her.

    • Gigi Salem said

      Heehee! My sister’s cat is a calico, and she’s a talker, too. When Toutou and Clive get together the house gets loud.

      I always equated hissing as cursing. Clive only does that rarely though.

  2. In a previous life we adopted cats. I drew the limit at 6. They were all lost or from a rescue center. Amazing how they all had different characters. Some were aloof, some purred and drooled from the moment you came home. Some ate a bowlful the moment you put it down, others ate when they felt like it. But none of them had any interest in music!
    There again maybe they were trying to say something about my (lack of) musical taste!

    • Gigi Salem said

      Ahh, see… purring is music to me 😀

      And why shouldn’t they have different characters? Each one was a different animal. 🙂

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