Music Monday – Back To Your Regularly Scheduled Programming

Depression and letting other people dictate how you should be your authentic self are a bad combination. Music saved me. Music always saves me. As a matter of fact, a Journey song saved me.

The live, JC Chasez version of “Don’t Stop Believing” is my new theme song:

The sound quality isn’t perfect, but it’s pretty awesome for someone’s non-pro camera.


It’s amazing how something so simple can super-charge a recovery effort. Just three words in the right key, sung by the right voice, went straight to my nervous system and jolted me back to life. I’ve always joked that music is my drug, but maybe it would be more apropos to say that it’s my medicine.

What’s your theme song? What song in whose voice, helps you climb out of the abyss, keeps you going when you think you can’t take one more step?


  1. Hi Gigi.
    So glad to see you’re back 🙂 It is a good song and I had forgotten Journey sang it.
    As a teenager, I used to listened to Dark side of the moon and look out of the window when it was raining (does that a lot in England). I still think of it on the rare days it rains. Music does set my mood when I write. I did a nanowrimo story for daughter while listening to Lenka, 30 days, almost solid. Even now when I hear her voice I think of that story. To cheer up I like the Beat, John Melllencamp, The Clash …
    Oh and there’s Barenaked Ladies. I mean, what guy couldn’t cheer up with Barenaked Ladies in their ears?! I’m going to finish on that thought!

    • Gigi Salem said

      It’s pretty good to be back. I’m not 100%, but who is, right? Gotta start somewhere and I figured starting with something that moves my soul was a good place. One of these days we’re gonna have to compare our record collections more fully. I wonder if there’s ANY overlap! Heehee

      • Oh I have a Duran CD somewhere 🙂
        I listen to all sorts of stuff. Tonight I looked up a guy called Danny Fujikawa on my space. He has a song called Dear Braden. Now I know you’re asking why I looked him up … er … well … that song is used in a Mary Kate Olsen video …

        • Gigi Salem said

          Isn’t it funny the places we can find music? Places we would never think of, and yet something can grab us absolutely!

  2. Have you heard of Blue October? I LOVE them, and their song “Independently Happy” pulls me out every time. I also play it first when I step on the treadmill to get me going – they’re rock with an electric violin and the lead singer has a fab voice. I have all of their CDs if you want me to dig them out and let you borrow….

    • Gigi Salem said

      Perhaps at the next meeting you bring a jump drive OR make me a CD of your favorites, the ones you think I should hear?

  3. Suzan Isik said

    I love Journey. I’m not ashamed of it. LOL. I actually prefer Glee’s rendition of “Don’t stop Beliving” to the original. Dunno why, but I do.

    Also, Blue October is awesome. Perfect for rainy weather.

    • Gigi Salem said

      I think it’s maybe something about the blending of voices? There’s something thrilling to me about harmonies…

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