Spell Check Versus WE Check

There is no doubt that spell check is an awesome feature. It helps proofreading go miles faster, right? Unfortunately it, like us, is not perfect. Like myself, it does not catch homonyms (their, there, they’re). Oh sure, sometimes the grammar check will tag those, but not every time. It’s fabulous for catching my favorite word (weird) but sometimes I just type odd and move on because I don’t like seeing all that red on my documents. And really, who does?

The problem is, if a word is spelled correctly chances are the program won’t care if your “too” friends went “two”  the market “to” many times.  So, what’s the answer? After spell check, WE check.

I know we’re all in a hurry. More gadgets to manage our time, and yet we’ve become busier instead of the other way around. So delegate! Have someone you trust eyeball your manuscript/blog/whatever for problems if you don’t have the time.

Our words represent us. If we put something out there that looks hastily put together, we look lazy, absent-minded, or (worst of all) incompetent. Nobody wants that, right?

Of course, I started thinking about this topic when scanning this blog and finding all sorts of little flubs peppered throughout. Mea culpa maxima! So, learn from my mistakes, and let’s all prove that we’re a hard-working, focused, capable slice of humanity.

What words do you always stumble on? What homonyms make you want to tear out your hair? Most importantly, where have you seen these sorts of mistakes on the web and what did it make you think about the person who wrote it?

This PSA brought to you by the letters i, o, u, and the number 42!


  1. Your write, but why do I have the feeling your talking about my last piece of work? 🙂
    Really, no matter how much software tries to keep us straight, creativity will always keep that sw one step behind (or a complete lap if its from Redmond!).
    I always screw up “loose” and “lose”. Yeah, I’m a looser! 🙂

    • Gigi Salem said

      Heh, you know I don’t expect perfection out of a first draft that someone is having other people line-edit. Once it goes to print, or goes up on the ‘net… now that’s what gets to me. Also, what’s sw stand for?

      • sw = software.

        First draft = know line editing. Marcel irritates the crap out of me is exactly the write level. 🙂

  2. Amen, Sistah!

    LOL, sometimes the spell-checker really irritates me. It’s mostly okay about spelling, but the grammar part drives me NUTS! It’s almost always wrong. So, yeah, I just try to double-check everything myself. Though, of course, there are plenty of times when I forget or don’t have the time. Oops. ^_^

    • Gigi Salem said

      Make the time! I want people to see how brilliant you and I and all the other up-and-coming authors are. Or pass it to me and I’ll look at it!

      I think it’s also easier for other people to catch our mistakes. We know what we’re saying and so it’s easier to miss a homonym here or a slight misspelling there.

  3. Suzan said

    I actually turn off spell check and grammar checks during my zero drafts. It’s my academic mind that just can’t leave it alone. Of course, then it looks like Cid wrote it when I turn the spell check on…

    Oh, ❤ Cid, BTW. I like to give her crap for her spelling faux pas.

  4. Gigi Salem said

    All that lovely red, hehe. I think it’s a brilliant idea to turn off the crutches until you’re done with the first go-round. When you turn it back on, do you find you focus more on catching every little bit?

  5. Siobhan/Christine said

    I can never remember whether occurred has one or two r’s in it. So I have it set to autocorrect in my word processor.

    • Gigi Salem said

      We all have our particular words, don’t we? As different as people are, we are also so similar!

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