Wordsmith Wednesday – The Muse

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Writing, sharing words with others, is incredibly personal. It involves pouring out bits of your soul for others to look at and *gasp* judge. Some of the most volatile feelings we have center around what we write.

Hi, my name is Gigi, and I am a writer. My deepest relationships are with my muses.

What is a muse? It’s that voice (or voices) inside a writer’s head who holds the keys to our closet of inspiration. They are more than friend, more than family, they are the gatekeepers of our imagination, our soul. And yes, I did say muses plural earlier. I have several.

Each has a distinctive voice, or personality. Only one talks to me at a time, and they’re all male. I don’t know why.

One is a broody, emo brat whom I have locked in a dungeon. All my teenage angst poetry that will never see the light of day are his fault.

Another is full of hope and sunlight and joy. He lives in the garden, wanting me to join him, get our hands dirty together as we plant seeds for the future. He also likes lots and lots of sex. I tried denying him once and looked down to find I’d written the torrid scene he demanded anyway.

Our muses know what we need to say. They are there to help us get it done, and we ignore them at our own risk. We have to trust ourselves when we write, and that means trusting our muse.

Admittedly, sometimes they want us to write something uncomfortable for others to read or even hear about. That’s perfectly fine. Not everyone has to like what we write.

Unfortunately, most don’t stop at not reading, especially if they care about us. They try to tell us not to write whatever it is they find offensive. While well-meaning, thinking to help us rise above our “filthy” impulses, they cut into our hearts. Instead of building us up because we’re “better than that,” they are, in fact, tearing us down.

What then, do we do?

We listen to our muse. We are writers. We tell the story our soul needs to share, and trust in ourself.


  1. Karina said

    How true…it is almost a compulsion to write….the soul must be heard.

  2. Author Kristen Lamb said

    We can’t write to make others happy. It will make us crazy, neurotic and nothing will get written. Thanks for sharing. I have my muse tied in a closet with duct tape over her mouth. It has been a real struggle to get in touch with my creative side when I have been so busy doing the business side of the writing business.

    I think I will go slide some water under the door for her.



    • Gigi Salem said

      Don’t forget to feed her too! And hopefully R&R recharged her some!

  3. Totally agree. You have to write what you have to write. Even if just for yourself. And honestly, sometimes the muses leave us little choice. And when their screaming, we’re zomming and IN THE ZONE! Best feeling EVER! lol.

    Squashing your muse is like squashing your own soul. Don’t!

    Keep writing! Booyah!

    • Gigi Salem said

      Isn’t it the best? When the muse pulls you into their lap and just whispers into your ear as you type (or, if you’re like me, write) is one of the best feelings in the world.

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